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Our stories

Hear from people we’ve advised, and how money advice has helped transform their lives.

Our Stories

Working together to improve financial wellbeing

When we are in debt, it’s not just our bank balance that suffers. Money worries creep into everything, and it can quickly feel like there’s nowhere to turn. But there’s always a way through, and starting a conversation is often the first step.

We find long-term solutions, not temporary fixes. We believe that empowering people to fix the root causes of debt changes lives for the better.

Training and Education

Financial capability and money management sessions

  • Our bespoke sessions provide an open and safe space to encourage peer learning about good financial behaviours.
  • They help you to improve your understanding of budgeting, learn money-saving habits and provide tips in how to choose the right financial products.
  • They equip you with the knowledge and financial skills to better control your money.
  • This education is enhanced through specific energy education, ensuring that you are able to make the right energy decisions that suit your household and navigate the current fuel crisis with tips and money saving advice.

Debt Awareness Training for Non-Debt Advisers

  • Overview of debt advice landscape
  • Regulators and compliance
  • Budget and standard financial statement
  • Income maximisation
  • Debt solutions and consequences

Feedback from organisations who have had frontline training for their staff

“I thought the training session were great. It proved to be an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into your work and it made everything much clearer for us when supporting people at the foodbank.”

Referral coordinator from Hackney Foodbank

“The training session was great. boosting my confidence in being able to provide advice. I would definitely recommend the trainer in being adaptable and patient in answering our questions.”

Welfare and Debt Advisor from Deafplus