Born out of a passion for the community

Rooted Finance started life as a community project called Money Matters, launched in June 2001 by The Environment Trust in Tower Hamlets, London. In 2010, the Money Matters Project was rebranded as Fair Money Advice and registered as a subsidiary Charity of Fair Finance.

We established Rooted Finance in 2022, so we could serve the community in the best way possible. With a deepening cost-of-living crisis, more and more people are struggling to keep on top of their money, we knew we wanted to be there to support.

Now, acting as an independent organisation, we have more time and freedom to dedicate to big-picture equality, diversity and inclusion issues.

Our values

We destigmatise debt

We know it’s not easy to talk about money problems. Finance is personal. We may feel alone, and fear people judging us, so we might not even talk to our friends and families. Rooted Finance at its core offers a safe space to talk to someone without judgement or blame.

We care about your future

We want to give you a strong foundation to grow wherever life takes you. Think of a plant. It isn’t enough to just keep the leaves healthy, a plant will only grow and flourish with strong roots. Our advisers fix root causes and give you long-term solutions.

We are activists at heart

We’re advocates of change, unafraid to challenge convention. We call out inequality, and we’re working tirelessly to change outcomes for communities where fairness isn’t the status quo. Not just through our work, but by getting involved in local and national projects and campaigns.

Senior Management Team

  • Muna Yassin MBE


    Muna Yassin MBE


  • Jahanara Khanom


    Jahanara Khanom

    Director of Operations

  • Emma Triggs


    Emma Triggs

    Projects and Partnerships Manager

  • Shajida Ali


    Shajida Ali

    Advice Manager

Join Rooted Finance

We are always looking for people who share our passion for making a difference, we are currently recruiting for debt advisers and trainee debt advisers.

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Our projects

Through project outreach, we make sure we’re supporting the people who need it most. We’re part of many initiatives and research projects, linking up with all kinds of organisations, from utilities providers and charities to local food banks.

  • Debt, Welfare and Energy Project

    Debt, Welfare and Energy Advice project in partnership with Money A and E funded through British Gas Energy Trust.

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  • Advice In Community Settings Project

    A Pan-London Debt and Welfare Advice service based in Community Settings, funded by the Greater London Authority.

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  • Specialist Debt Advice

    Specialist debt advice for Hackney residents and part of the Hackney Advice Partnership funded by London Borough of Hackney.

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  • Community Fintech Project

    Partnership with Shelter, Stockwell Community Partnership and Comuzi Lab-review and research of Open Banking for low-Income communities.

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  • Impact on Urban Health

    Rooted Finance has been working with Elifinty since 2020 to co-design an online advice platform that allows clients, advisers, and creditors to work collaboratively to improve financial wellbeing

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  • Financial Inclusion Project

    Working in partnership with Hackney Foodbank, we support Hackney residents to develop solutions to take control of their money and debt issue through specialist advice.

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  • Fair4AllFinance

    Researching the financial exclusion of ethnic minority groups in the UK and builds on the recommendations set out in Runnymede Trust’s Financial Inclusion (2008) report. Rooted Finance is on the Steering Committee and part of the Practioners Group.

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  • Money and Pensions Service

    Commissioned by MaPS and carried out by Bristol University to explore the relationship between mental health and financial problems within diverse ethnic communities in the UK. Rooted provided insights and our views are published in the final report.

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  • Racial Justice Fund

    Working in partnership with Money A and E which focuses on overcoming barriers facing Black and minoritied Londoners from accessing financial products and service, while increasing representation within financial services jobs.

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  • Grow Your Own Advice incubator programme

    This groundbreaking training project is funded by Propel and coordinated by London Legal Support Trust, is aimed at addressing the gap in provision of community-based debt and welfare advice, particularly for Londoners from diverse ethnic communities.

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